Travis Neely &
Leah Nelson

We are 2 Beloveds who met at an Ecstatic Dance (shout out to The Clubhouse!). We have 4 kids between us (the oldest is about to drive, eek!), but sadly we won’t be having a child together.

Instead, we are birthing Conscious Festivals! Created from a yearning to connect on a deeper level, to grow, and to nurture new and re-imagined rituals for our culture.

We can feel disconnected in how we live and hope to provide safe spaces for all of us to be heard and feel a sense of belonging.

So as we prepare for the festival's arrival, we have in our minds all of You who want to step into more self love; You, who feel there is something missing in how we live so separately and grieve so separately; You, who are ready to shed old stories and old patterns and uncover new trajectories; You, who want more unifying experiences to feel at one with this world we inhabit.

We are choosing to lean into the challenge of finding a new path, and we envision a More Beautiful World on the horizon.

We're both from Cali (we miss the ocean!) but now live in the Salt Lake Valley along with our kids, our chickens, cat Pepper, and free range bunny Butterscotch. As we make our way out of "business as usual", we are making moves to form an intentional community or find the right one for us.

‍People, podcasts, and writings that inform our lives and festival choices: Joanna Macy, The Emerald podcast with Joshua Michael Schrei, Diana Leaf Christian and intentional communities, Living Myth & Michael Meade, Charles Eisenstein, permaculture, The Wild Edge of Sorrow, rituals from indigenous cultures, Rumi, Rudolf Steiner & Anthroposophy.

We hope to create an experience that doesn’t just last for a few days, but one that will offer an exciting new trajectory in your life. An experience where you’ll walk away feeling full in your heart, and knowing that that feeling will continue on past our time together.