Celest Fest Packing List:

Cup/Mug, Plate, Bowl, Utensils 


Towel - for shower and optional cold plunge

Warm Clothes - in case it gets chilly at night (expect high 50’s Fahrenheit)

An intention for your experience

An intention for the grief ceremony

Journal and Pen

Water Bottle


A Method for Packing Trash Out (Pack-It-In/Pack-It-Out)


Water Jug - for transporting drinking water to campsite

Yoga Mat

Meditation Pillow or lawn chair

Item of significance for the altar (grief related or not)

Sound Bath Instruments - if participating with Sound Bath Fairies

Musical Instruments


Robe - for cold plunge


Ear plugs

Stand Up Paddle Board - there are canoes and life vests available

Michael Meade, Joshua Michael Schrei, Lawrence Cole, Joanna Macy, Rising Appalachia, Narwhals, Community Land, World Peace

Canvas Tent Specific Items:

Pillow, Blanket or Sleeping Bag

Sheet - or something to put over plastic covered mattress, like a blanket

Tree Tent Specific Items:

Sleeping Bag


Camping Specific Items:

Critter Proof Container - if keeping food at campsite

Tent and Camping Gear

Purchased Meals Specific Items:

Cup/Mug, Plate, Bowl, Utensils - less waste! And there will be a dishwashing station)

Optional Donations (we’d be so grateful!):

Unbreakable Plates, Bowls and Utensils-  for community members who may forget

Organic Garden Veggies, Fruit, nuts, seeds, dried fruit - to share for the kitchen

Tea, Coffee, Honey, Sugar, and/or Milk (plant based or dairy) - for the Tea Temple

Tobacco or Cedar - Offerings for the Sacred Fire

No Need to Bring:

Substances (alcohol, psychedelics, etc)- in case it wasn’t clear by now :)

Your pets (unless you have specifically approved your service animal with us)