Celest Fest Packing List:

Cup/Mug, Plate, Bowl, Utensils 


Towel - for shower and optional cold plunge

Warm Clothes - in case it gets chilly at night (expect high 50’s Fahrenheit)

An intention for your experience

An intention for the grief ceremony

Journal and Pen (we'll have journals for purchase too)

Water Bottle


A Method for Packing Trash Out (Pack-It-In/Pack-It-Out)

Poncho, in case it rains


Water Jug - for transporting drinking water to campsite

Yoga Mat

Meditation Pillow or lawn chair

Item of significance for the altar (grief related or not)

Sound Bath Instruments - if participating with Sound Bath Fairies

Musical Instruments


Robe - for cold plunge


Ear plugs

Stand Up Paddle Board - there are canoes and life vests available

Michael Meade, Joshua Michael Schrei, Lawrence Cole, Joanna Macy, Rising Appalachia, Narwhals, Community Land, World Peace

Canvas Tent Specific Items:

Pillow, Blanket or Sleeping Bag

Sheet - or something to put over plastic covered mattress, like a blanket

Tree Tent Specific Items:

Sleeping Bag


Camping Specific Items:

Critter Proof Container - if keeping food at campsite

Tent and Camping Gear

Purchased Meals Specific Items:

Cup/Mug, Plate, Bowl, Utensils - less waste! And there will be a dishwashing station)

Optional Donations (we’d be so grateful!):

Tea, Coffee, Honey, Sugar, and/or Milk (plant based or dairy) - for the Tea Temple

Tobacco or Cedar - Offerings for the Sacred Fire

Organic Garden Veggies, Fruit, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, milk, yogurt- to share for the kitchen

No Need to Bring:

ISO Certified Eclipse glasses. We have them for you! We just can't guarantee glasses for all kids.

Substances (alcohol, psychedelics, etc)- in case it wasn’t clear by now :)

Your pets (unless you have specifically approved your service animal with us)