Utah Gathering
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Work Trade: We have an awesome foundational team and need a few more work traders. We look forward to hearing from you if you feel called to be of service at Celest Fest!

Instead of vendors throughout the festival experience, we have a 3-hour Marketplace on Monday where anyone can sell, trade, or share their crafts and gifts. No extra charge. Just purchase a ticket, experience the festival, and bring out your items for sale on Monday :)

Facilitators: We are just about full, but we may have a couple spots for a skilled somatic movement or contact improv teacher.

Performers: We are full for August. If you have yet to experience a Celest Fest, we encourage you to join our village and receive as a participant and introduce yourself that way. There will be many opportunities to share songs around the fire!

Creating a Village: If able, we ask ALL participants to volunteer 2-3 hours of their time. You may be chopping veggies, tending the sacred fire, or helping brew tea. This small service helps us keep prices low. You'll walk away feeling warmth in your heart!

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Medical Staff
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